Here are the answers to some of the more common questions we get asked. 

Why is there a bunch of extra stickers in my order?!

We like to look after those that look after us.  If we have any spare stickers hanging around we want you to have some too.  You might get 1, you might get none.  You also might get a handful - pot luck!!

Can I just email you and beg you for some free stickers?

NO!  Our email system is programmed to weed out begging emails so we probably won't even see it!

Order Confirmation / Despatch Notification.

What is happening with my order?

Most orders will ship the same day as they are processed, however during busy times this may not be possible.  We are particularly busy during the snow season (October - March), and especially over weekends so it can take us a couple of days after the weekend to catch up with orders during busy periods.  Midweek orders are generally shipped within 24 hours year-round.  We appreciate your patience.

Whenever you place an order you are automatically sent an order confirmation email to the email address you have supplied us with.  This will include your order number which you will need for any correspondence.  You will then receive another email once your order is marked as processed and again once despatched, again this will be sent to the email address you supplied us with.

Why haven't I received these emails?

Most of the time they are sitting in a folder other than your actual email inbox.  Please check your junk/trash folders as some email providers will place emails from an unrecognized source into one of these folders.  On other occasions, the email address supplied has an error, such as a mis-type so it might be worth checking that too!  Finally some emails just never make it to their destination.  Such is the internet this is beyond our control.  Rest assured these emails have been sent!

So how do I find out the status of my order if I don't have these emails?

This is covered in our Shipping section below.


Do you ship to my country?

YES!  We ship worldwide 5 days a week.  See where our last 500 orders have shipped to on this map below.  You can zoom in on the map by clicking on it.


How much will postage & packaging cost me?

This is an easy one.  Standard shipping within the UK is £1.00 for any order (free shipping if you spend over £29.99 - UK only)  Anywhere else in Europe is £3.00 per order, and anywhere outside of Europe is £4.00 per order.  We do not aim to profit from our delivery charges, they are calculated by taking an average for the cost to send to your destination.  All items are shipped in snazzy colourful hard-backed envelopes, or postal tubes for larger items.  Never in a flimsy envelope!  We ship via recorded means for higher value orders at our descretion.  BUYERS TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR DELIVERIES TO P.O BOXES. As we are unable to ship via recorded means to P.O BOXES any purchases are made at your own risk if your delivery address is to a PO BOX.  Therefore we will not refund or re-ship for any order shipped to a PO BOX in the event that they fail to arrive.

Sticker Blimp is UK based.

How do I track my order?

Please use the following form check the status of your order. You will find your order number in your order confirmation email.

We can provide a tracking number upon request for any order where the 'tracked and signed' shipping method has been paid for.  For all other orders there will be no tracking information.  On occasions we will ship via 'tracked and signed' means for our own peace of mind even if not selected during checkout.  If you do require tracking for your order you should choose the appropriate option during checkout.  Orders placed with added tracked/signed shipping are subject to services available in your country.  The available options are Tracked & Signed / Tracked / Signed.  Tracked & Signed is used where possible.  Tracked will be used if Tracked & Signed is not available.  Signed will be used if neither Tracked & Signed nor Tracked are available.  This is beyond our control and is set by the postal service in your country. 

How long will my order take to arrive?

Good question.  This question is rather hard to answer as it varies so much!   Once your order has been marked as despatched your order should arrive in 1-2 working days via Royal Mail 1st Class mail if you are in the UK, 3-5 working days if you are elsewhere in Europe, and for anywhere else in the world it normally takes about 7 working days but can take a couple of weeks.  Like we said it varies a lot!  WE ALWAYS SHIP VIA AIRMAIL so your order gets to you as soon as possible.  If your order has still not arrived after the timeframes mentioned above then please contact us so we can look into it for you.  Please include your order number if contacting us for this reason!  If it appears that you item is 'lost in the post' we will work with you should you need to make a claim with the relevant postal service.  Orders are shipped in hard-backed envelopes, or postal tubes where necessary.  We ALWAYS ship out your order as soon as possible, we stock all colours of vinyl at all times so your order does not get held up due to stock issues.  Normally orders are shipped the same or next working day but sometimes this is not possible for reasons beyond our control.  You will receive an email notification when your order has been despatched, this simply means your order is being processed and will be despatched as quickly as possible thereafter.  UK orders over £29.99 qualify from free shipping so don't be tight!  PLEASE LEAVE EXTRA TIME LEADING UPTO, DURING AND AFTER FESTIVE/HOLIDAY PERIODS AS MAIL CAN TAKE LONGER TO ARRIVE.

What about Customs & Excise?

As with any international purchase, local Customs officers can decide to inspect any package that they see fit when it arrives into the country.  Obviously we have no control over this.  Whilst it is rare for one of our packages to get stopped at customs it is possible so you should be prepared for a delay in the event of an inspection.  This delay varies between countries and they rush for no man!  We cannot be held responsible for any delay caused by Customs inspections or any Customs charges they may see fit to charge.


As we are based in the UK all sizes are in centimeters (CM).  Please be sure you that you have selected the correct size before ordering.  Although we swap out stickers hassle free if you wish to exchange them this can be a drawn out process due to shipping times particularly for non-UK orders.  You can find a handy size conversion tool HERE.


If I need to return any stickers how do I do that??

Please click here to contact us regarding returning any items.  Please don't forget to include your order number and your reason for wishing to return your item. Please see our returns policy by clicking here.


We are based in the UK so all payments are submitted to us in £GBP.  The prices you will see on our website will automatically adjust to your local currency based on your IP address.  Prices shown should be taken as a guide only since exchange rates change by the hour and will be dealt with via your payment provider.   You will also find a currency selection menu immediately below the cart icon should you wish to see prices in a different common currency.

Custom Stickers.

Can you make me some custom decals?

Sure! We love doing that :)  There is loads more info on custom stickers over here.

Applying Your Stickers.

How do I apply my die cut sticker?

Clean the smooth surface it is to be applied to thoroughly before even thinking about sticking it.  My teachers always used to say "Its all in the preparation".  I thought it was a load of crap but it turns out they were right. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN.  Any wax, oil or silicone on the surface will mean your sticker will not stick (you might not be able to see it but it can be there).  We personally use surgical spirit and lint-free cloth.  Apply surgical spirit to the cloth and wipe the surface thoroughly.  Use a clean piece of lint-free cloth to wipe away any residue (test on a small area first).  Once you have done this, do it again.  Then carefully peel off the application tape which will bring the sticker off of the backing paper with it (if it doesn't, you can go over the whole sticker with a credit card applying lots of pressure - this will ensure maximum adhesion between the application tape and the decal).  Once peeled from the application tape just line it up carefully and slap it on.  give it a good rub (the sticker, naughty) and peel back the application tape slowly, rubbing again where necessary.  Once the application paper has been removed, if you cleaned up properly before then your sticker will look rad and you can now come back and order more stickers.  

My die cut sticker won't stick.  Whats occuring?

Ok, so that sucks.  Here are some truths (this might hurt a bit).  If your sticker arrived with the sticker still stuck to the waxy backing paper then the issue is absolutely not caused by the adhesive.  This wax paper is designed to allow the vinyl to 'just about' stick to it so it is easy to peel off.  If the vinyl sticks to this it WILL stick to any properly prepared non-porous flat surface.  so, if the backing paper was intact the only other variable is the substrate that you are sticking it onto (Snowboard, bike, granny etc...).  If it doesn't stick properly there is something not quite right with the surface you are applying it to.  How have you cleaned the surface?  See the section above to see how you should prepare your surface prior to application.  Even if your substrate is new (actually, particularly if it is new) you need to follow-through on this prep.  Many goods can and do have coatings to make them look nice and shiny in the shops.

My stickers fell off.  Why?

This is easy.  The surface you have stuck the sticker onto is either porous, 3 dimensionally curved (such as a helmet), or the surface has not been prepped properly.  It is vital that your surface is prepped properly.

Some other questions.

What kind of stickers do you make?

We make die cut stickers.  See below.

What is a die cut sticker?

Die cut stickers are computer cut from a huge log of sticky backed vinyl.  There is no clear backing like on some stickers, quite simply what you see is what you get!  Have a look at any sticker on this site - you get the pink bit, the excess vinyl has been removed wherever it is white.  This is why die cut stickers are single-colour.

Do you do printed stickers?

Not just yet.  We will add this functionality at some stage.


How do I apply a discount voucher code?

If any discount codes are active at the time of placing your order there will be a box in which to enter it during checkout.  Bang it in there and make sure you apply the code and the rest will be taken care of.  Abuse of discount codes will end badly for you.  We do a mean karate chop.

How do I get a discount voucher code in the first place?

Well, you need to either register for our email newsletter by clicking here, follow us on Facebook here, or follow us on Twitter here.  We run regular competitions and post details of new products via these means so quite frankly you would be mad not to do atleast one of the above. (Top marks if you do all of them!).

What came first?  The chicken or the egg??


Is that it?