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Sticker Blimp

Our aim is to bring you nothing but the freshest, most up-to-date die cut stickers from the snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, surfing, and VW scenes - all brought to you with rapid worldwide shipping no matter how large or small your order.

All of the products shown are actual photographs of the stickers - what you see is what you get, no shoddy mock-ups here thanks!

If you are looking for custom stickers or t shirts please contact Sticker Blimp

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All brands, logos and product names are trademarks of their respective owners and Sticker Blimp has no connection with any of the companies who's logos appear on this website.  Although most companies recognise the benefits of having their branding readily available to signmakers and suchlike, that doesn't mean they all do.  If any of the companies who's branding appears on this website feel that we are breaching any copyright law please get in touch and we will gladly remove your branding from this website once we have checked the authenticity of your claim.